Diamond segment for multi-blade

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The Diamond segment for multi-blade is the main diamond saw blade. The multi-blade diamond segment is composed of a combination of diamond and a matrix. Diamond is a superhard material, can be used as a cutting edge. Key for fixing the diamond matrix. It is made of simple metal powder or metal alloy powder. raw material. The different ingredients are called recipes. According to different uses, the formula is also different from diamond.

Here is the content list:

  • Diamond segment for multi-blade technology selection.

  • Precautions for the manufacture of Diamond segment for multi-blades.

  • Requirements for the foundation of the raw material of the Diamond segment for multi-blade carcass.

Diamond segment for multi-blade technology selection

1. Selection of diamond particle size

When the diamond grain size is coarse and single, the diamond bit is sharp and the sawing efficiency is high, but the bending strength of the diamond agglomeration is reduced; when the diamond size is fine or coarse and fine, the diamond bit has high durability but higher efficiency low.

2. Selection of diamond distribution concentration

Within a certain range, when the diamond concentration changes from low to high, the sharpness and sawing efficiency of the diamond bit will gradually decrease, while the service life will gradually extend; but if the concentration is too high, the diamond bit will become dull. However, with low concentration and coarse particle size, the efficiency will be improved. Using the different functions of each part of the Diamond segment for multi-blade during sawing, using different concentrations (that is, the middle layer can use a lower concentration in the three-layer or more layer structure), and the middle groove is formed on the Diamond segment for multi-blade during the sawing process.

3. The choice of diamond strength

The strength of the diamond is an important index to ensure the cutting performance of multi-blade diamond cutter heads. Strength is too high will make the crystal is broken, the abrasive is ground during use, sharpness decrease, resulting in poor performance tool; when the strength of the diamond is not enough, the impact is easily broken, cut unbearable task. Thus, the intensity should be selected between 130 ~ 140N.

Precautions for the manufacture of Diamond segment for multi-blades

In the manufacturing techniques of the Diamond segment for multi-blades, the selection of the matrix material of the Diamond segment for multi-blade and the hot pressing process is the key hubs. Co-based and bronze-based alloys are widely selected as raw materials for the carcass, but they cannot achieve a good balance between manufacturing cost and performance. Through horizontal analysis, Fe-Ni-Cu-W series alloy is proposed as the raw material of Diamond segment for multi-blade matrix. Through trial and application, a more ideal manufacturing cost and performance have been achieved.

The manufacturing process of Diamond segment for multi-blade can be described as the sintering process of metal powder under certain pressure, which is a kind of powder metallurgy process: the well-proportioned metal powder is under high temperature (800-1000℃) and certain pressure (180-250Kgf/ cm2), through a series of physical and chemical impregnation, such as diffusion, welding, compounding, and recrystallization among powder particles, a sintered body with inevitable shape and machine function is formed, which is the diamond segment for a multi-blade.

Requirements for the foundation of the raw material of the Diamond segment for multi-blade carcass

1. The sintered body should have excellent attacking performance and appropriate hardness to ensure excellent machine meshing for the wrapped diamond and moderate abrasion resistance to the rock;

2. It can complete the powder metallurgy process that satisfies the above-mentioned performance requirements at a lower sintering temperature (unusually not more than 950°C) and a shorter holding time (unusually not more than 5 minutes), to slow down the diamond single crystal Deterioration trend;

At last

The finished diamond segment for a multi-blade is installed on the substrate in various ways, and then polished and painted into a finished product, which is widely used in various life and production operations. If you need it, please visit our official website to contact us.

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