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Due to the long-term need to cut various hardness and relatively tough ore, it is common for diamond wire saws to break the rope if the operation is improper or the preliminary maintenance is not done. There are two types of broken ropes: one is the joint breaking from the place where it is crimped, which is called joint breakage; the other is the break of the middle part of the wire saw except the joint, which is called broken rope for short. Below, we will give you a brief chat about the reason analysis and solution of the diamond wire saw breaking rope.


Restricted by the life of the wire saw, under the premise that the wire saw is subjected to alternating loads during the service cycle, it will easily cause the fatigue fracture of the wire saw.





Due to the manufacturer's reasons, the beads are not firmly fixed, and the beads turn or move. After the beads are rotated, the wire sa will be broken in a short time, and the broken wire saw will lose its protection after moving, and the wire saw will be broken in advance.



Due to the machine, the wire saw is not running smoothly and frequently shakes, which will easily cause the middle rope and the joint to break frequently;

Solution: Use high-precision machines and maintain them during use to ensure machine performance, increase the smoothness of the wire saw, and reduce jitter.


After the injection molding wire saw is used for a certain period of time, part of the cooling water and chips will be injected between the plastic and the steel wire rope. If the parking time is too long, the wire rope will rust and become brittle, and the middle of the wire rope will break prematurely;

Solution: Do not park the used wire saw for a long time, such as more than half a year.


The customer one-sided pursuit of cutting efficiency and forcibly lowered the knife, which caused the wire saw to run too far and the tension was too large, which in turn caused the wire rope to break;

Solution: Reduce the amount of cutting and adjust it to a proper level.




If the joint is too tight, it will increase the damage of the wire rope and cause the wire rope at the joint to break prematurely.

Solution: moderate crimping to reduce wire rope damage.





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