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  • What is a wire saw
    The wire saw is a cutting and dismantling tool for mines, blocks, curved slabs, large slabs of stone, thick concrete, irregular concrete steel bars, bridges, and roads. Easy to install, flexible to use, both horizontal and vertical cutting is possible. The following can understand the composition of
  • What is a diamond saw segment?
    Diamond saw segments are mainly used for cutting granite, marble, sandstone, basalt, concrete, limestone, and other stones. Diamond saw segments are suitable for single blades or multiple blades. So do you know what a diamond saw segment is? Here are some answers.Here is the content list:The appeara
  • What are the application areas of diamond saw blades?
    A diamond saw blade is a cutting tool, which is widely used in the processing of hard and brittle materials such as concrete, refractory materials, stone, ceramics, and so on. The diamond saw blade is mainly composed of two parts; the base body and the cutter head. The base is the main supporting pa
  • Use of wire saw
    Wire saws are equipment for cutting and dismantling thick concrete and irregular concrete. For example, concrete structures such as girders, supports, high-speed rail piers, equipment foundations, and other concrete structures need to be partially demolished, and only a wire saw can be used. The met
  • Use of diamond wire
    The diamond wire needs to be used with the electric diamond wire cutting machine, and the electric diamond wire cutting machine is the most suitable cutting construction equipment for the cutting, dismantling, and repairing of basements, chimneys, and pillars. Diamond wire can be used for close-pack
  • The wear and tear of diamond saw segments
    Due to the force effect and temperature, the diamond saw segment tends to be worn and damaged after a period of use. The main forms of diamond saw segment wear and tear are as follows: abrasive wear, partial crushing, large area crushing, shedding, and mechanical abrasion of the bonding agent along
  • The particle size, bit concentration, and hardness of the diamond saw segment
    When the diamond concentration changes from low to high, the sharpness of the diamond saw segment and the sawing efficiency of the diamond saw segment gradually decrease, which will gradually extend the life of the diamond saw segment, but if the concentration is too high, the diamond saw segment wi
  • The characteristics and precautions of a marble wire saw
    The characteristics and precautions of a marble wire sawMarble wire saw is a cutting and dismantling tool for mines. The marble wire saw is easy to install, and the marble wire saw is flexible in use, and it can be cut horizontally or vertically. Let me talk about the characteristics and precautions
  • Research and development trend of diamond cutting wire manufacturing technology
    It is a future trend for diamond cutting the wire to replace traditional cutting lines in the semiconductor and silicon wafer cutting industries. Through a comparative analysis of electroplated diamond cutting wire and resin bond diamond cutting wire, the advantages and disadvantages of each are poi
  • Production of diamond cutting wire
    At this stage, diamond cutting wires are mainly used for cutting hard and brittle materials. Customers are concentrated in photovoltaic silicon materials and sapphire industries, with a high concentration. At present, about 80% of China's diamond cutting wires enter the photovoltaic industry through
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