Diamond wire saw for granite quarry

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In the 1990s, in order to solve the machining problem of large size silicon wafer, wire saw machining technology was used to cut the silicon rod into pieces. The early wire saw machining technology was to use bare wire and free abrasive, in the process of machining, the abrasive was added to the third party between the wire and the workpiece to produce cutting effect.


Advantages of diamond wire saws for granite quarries

Cutting advantages of diamond wire saws for granite quarries

Precautions for the use of diamond wire saws for granite quarries


Advantages of diamond wire saws for granite quarries


1. The machine is manufactured by advanced technology in the world at present, which is suitable for the separation and demolition of granite, marble, turquoise, limestone and other mines, large bridges and high-rise buildings.


2. Adopt advanced automatic frequency conversion device, automatic cutting control, fast cutting speed, safe and simple operation, (main electronic control system warranty period of 3 years, lifelong maintenance).


3. Equipped with a computer program device to ensure that the walking drive motor maintains constant tension.


4. According to the cutting need, 360 degree rotating cutting device can be used to complete the horizontal, vertical and inclined working process purposes.


5. The manual driving and positioning device is used to realize the fine-tuning requirement of separate cutting and positioning.


6. The machine can adopt different line speed according to the needs of different stone characteristics.


7. Small volume, light weight, flexible and light movement, reasonable appearance design, beautiful and practical.


8. The guide wheel guidance system can be used to complete the difficult cutting operation in a complex natural environment.



Cutting advantages of diamond wire saws for granite quarries

 (1) compared with a free abrasive wire saw, its machining efficiency is higher and the energy consumption is lower.


(2) it can avoid the tedious processes such as mixing, granulation, sintering, welding (or injection molding) in the manufacturing process of sintered diamond tools;


(3) it can be used to process non-conductors which can not be machined by electronic discharge machining (II)


(4) Diamond wire saw is wound around the drum, which can cut the workpiece (such as silicon rod) many times at the same time, and can process multiple workpiece at the same time.


(5) because of the distance between the beads of sintered diamond wire saw, the fracture of steel wire (wire) may be caused by premature wear of the spacing part [6 ≤ 7], while the continuous distribution of diamond in electroplated diamond wire saw can avoid the premature fracture of wire saw.


(6) compared with circular saw and band saw, wire saw can flexibly change the cutting direction and can be used to process complex geometry.


(7) due to the small diameter of the wire saw (- general < 1ram), there is an increase of 3 losses during processing.


Precautions for the use of diamond wire saws for granite quarries


Frame saw is more suitable for cutting large quantities of granite sheet with four cores, while diamond rope saw is more suitable for sawing plates of different thickness. at the same time, diamond string bead rope saw is effectively changing the traditional reciprocating frame saw, which has the following advantages in cutting stone plate: compared with the traditional frame saw, the power consumption of sawing stone per square meter is reduced by 30%. There is no need to apply other abrasive particles to cut granite, the water treatment system is simple; it can be quickly cut in Huangji injury plate, its single rope cutting speed can reach 2 ≤ 2.50 h, the cutting granite plate quality is better, flatness is higher, flatness tolerance can be controlled within 0.5mm; easy to operate, in the rapid change of sawing plate thickness is very flexible: installation area is small, save land cost.





 This technology has been successfully used in the processing of silicon and silicon carbide. In order to further shorten the processing time and process other hard materials and ceramics which are difficult to process, diamond abrasives are fixed in a certain way. A fixed diamond wire saw is produced on the wire.




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