Effective use of diamond saw wire

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With the continuous expansion of the application field of diamond saw wire, the demand is increasing day by day. Extending the service life of diamond saw wire and improving the cutting efficiency of diamond saw wire have important theoretical significance and economics to further expand the application of diamond saw wire in various fields of the market.

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  • Diamond saw wire introduction.

  • The influence of different choices on diamond sawing wire.

  • Summary of using a diamond saw wire.

Diamond saw wire introduction

As a kind of flexible superhard material cutting tool, diamond saw wire has experienced nearly 40 years of development history, and its application fields are continuously expanding. It is not only used for stone mining, special-shaped board processing, multi-group hardboard cutting, and mosaic stone products. Curve processing, demolition, and repair of reinforced concrete buildings, as well as the addition of hard and brittle materials such as glass, are also used for the cutting and repair of submarine components and bridge piers, as well as the demolition and repair of nuclear power plants and nuclear power plants. The rapid development of diamond sawing wire technology and a wide range of applications have made it "the third generation of superhard material new tools". Diamond saw wire equipment is simple, easy to install, free of site and space constraints, can be used horizontally and vertically. Diagonal cutting, cutting area up to 200 square meters, good processing quality, low cutting speed, low noise, low vibration, Good working environment, and strong adaptability. Specifications and sizes can be selected according to the sawing object and working conditions. The above are a series of well-known advantages of diamond sawing equipment.

The influence of different choices on diamond sawing wire

The use of moving steel ropes to drive wear-resistant particles to grindstone has a long history, and the fact that sand is used as a grinding medium has been recorded as early as AD 75. However, due to the many inherent problems of this technology, the development was relatively slow. Later, people improved this system and developed a diamond saw wire, which was used worldwide to take the soft rock from quarries in the 1970s. It has been widely used in many famous quarries in the world since the early 1980s. Through these years of development, there are many types of diamond wire saws. According to the cutting material, the diamond saw wire can be divided into diamond saw wire for cutting stone and diamond saw wire for cutting steel; according to the processing characteristics, the types of diamond saw wire can be roughly divided into Single-rope diamond sawing wire, multi-rope diamond sawing wire and CNC diamond sawing wire. Therefore, it is very important to choose different types of wire saws to cut the corresponding materials. For example: When cutting marble or granite slabs, using a multi-rope diamond wire saw machine, as long as you change a different diamond saw wire and change the diamond saw wire speed, you can easily cut marble, granite, and slabs. Adjusting the spacing of the diamond saw wire can flexibly change the thickness of the finished sheet and improve the cutting efficiency.

Summary of using a diamond saw wire

The service life of the diamond saw wire is inversely proportional to the cutting efficiency. If you want to obtain a relatively high cutting efficiency, a large amount of loss will occur, thereby reducing the service life of the diamond saw wire. Moreover, when cutting different materials, if the cutting parameters are set unreasonably, not only the cutting efficiency cannot be improved, but the loss of the diamond saw wire will be increased while reducing the efficiency. Therefore, it is very important to choose a reasonable diamond wire saw machine, diamond saw wire and set reasonable cutting parameters for different cutting objects. However, whether it is cutting stone or steel, the material is removed by the countless times repeated grinding and cutting of diamonds. The process of a single diamond from intact to full loss determines the service life of the diamond saw wire. Therefore, by studying different types and setting different cutting parameters to analyze the diamond loss, at the same time, measuring the removal rate of the cut object is conducive to obtaining a more scientific diamond saw wire processing technology and cutting parameters, which can greatly improve the diamond The service life of the saw wire and scientific cutting efficiency. Studying the wear of the diamond saw wire can also provide a basis for determining the parameter settings under extreme cutting conditions, thereby greatly improving the cutting efficiency.

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