How does a diamond saw blade work?

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Saw blade is a general term for thin circular cutting tools used to cut solid materials. Saw blade can be divided into:diamond saw blade for stone cutting; high speed steel saw blade for metal material cutting (not inlaid with a cemented carbide blade); cemented carbide saw blade for solid wood, furniture, wood-based panel, aluminum alloy, aluminum profile, radiator, plastic, plastic steel and so on.


Diamond saw blade carbide

Selection of Diamond Saw Blade Substrate

The relationship between diamond saw blade diameter and saw blade


Diamond saw blade carbide

The common types of cemented carbide are tungsten cobalt (code name YG) and tungsten titanium (code name YT). Because of the good impact resistance of tungsten and cobalt cemented carbide, it is more widely used in the wood processing industry. The number of models commonly used in wood processing is the percentage of cobalt content after YG8-YG15, YG. With the increase of cobalt content, the impact toughness and bending strength of the alloy are improved, but the hardness and wear resistance of the alloy are decreased, which should be selected according to the actual situation.


Selection of Diamond Saw Blade Substrate

1. 65Mn spring steel has good elasticity and plasticity, economical material, good heat treatment hardenability, low heating temperature and easy deformation, which can be used for saw blades with low cutting requirements.


2. Carbon tool steel has high carbon content and high thermal conductivity, At 200 °C 250 °C, the hardness and wear resistance decrease sharply, the heat treatment deformation is large, the hardenability is poor, and the tempering time is long and easy to crack. Manufacture of economic materials such as T8A and T8A for cutting tools


3. Compared with carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel has good heat resistance, wear resistance and better treatment performance. The heat resistant deformation temperature of 300 °C-400 °C is suitable for manufacturing high grade alloy circular saw blades.


4. High speed tool steel has good hardenability, strong hardness and rigidity, less heat resistance and deformation, and belongs to ultra high strength steel. Thermoplastic stability is suitable for manufacturing high grade ultra thin saw blades.


The relationship between diamond saw blade diameter and saw blade

The diameter of the selected saw blade is related to the sawing equipment used and the thickness of the sawing workpiece. The diameter of saw blade is small and the cutting speed is relatively low. The large diameter of saw blade requires high saw blade and sawing equipment, and the sawing efficiency is also high. The outer diameter of the saw blade is selected to use the saw blade with the same diameter according to the different circular saw machine types. The diameters of the standard parts are as follows:


110MM (4 inches), 150MM (6 inches),


180MM (7 inches), 200MM (8 inches),


230MM (9 inches), 20MM (10 inches),


300MM (12 inches), 350MM (14 inches), 400MM (16 inches), 450MM (18 inches),


500MM (20 inches), etc., the bottom slot saw blade of precision cutting plate saw is mostly designed as 120MM.


The relationship between the diameter of the diamond saw blade and the saw blade is inseparable. The prerequisite for a diamond saw blade machine to be easy to use is to have good equipment and good technology, which is the key to the use of this machine.

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