How does a diamond segment work?

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Stone cutting segment processing from plane plate to plane plate, cylinder, polyhedral, curvedbody, engraving and other varieties of stone products. The traditional processing method of stone by peeling and grinding with chisels and chisels has a long history, but the dust and labor intensity is high, the work efficiency is low, and the dimensional accuracy and surface quality are poor.


Features of the stone cutting segment

Advantages of the stone cutting segment

Market development of stone cutting segment


Features of the stone cutting segment

 The cutting tool group is on the stone conveying table. The upper part is placed on the frame, and the guide plate is fixed between the cutting tool groups; the cutting tool group is composed of a motor, a belt, a cutter shaft and a cutting segment tool, and the cutting tool is fixed on the cutter wheel shaft. This kind of stone cutting machine can cut stone at different depths, and can process stone less than 1m3, which can turn waste into treasure, greatly save stone resources, and is also conducive to the protection of the environment. Various types of stone can be machined, the processing efficiency is high, coupled with the effective use of small stone, so that the production cost is lower.


Advantages of the stone cutting segment

From the application of various CNC cutting segment machines, the technical level and performance of CNC cutting machines produced in China have made gratifying progress, gradually catching up with the international advanced level, meeting the needs of users, and further improving the competitiveness of the market. Some CNC plasma cutting products in China have formed their own unique characteristics in many aspects, and have realized "automation, multi-function and high reliability". In some aspects, the technical performance of the product even exceeds that of the foreign product. Improving the production efficiency and cutting quality of NC cutting machines, reducing the production use, cost, improving the automation level and system stability of the whole machine, and perfecting the system function has become the direction of its technical development.


Market development of stone cutting segment

In the process of machining, the common ways of plate cutting are manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine cutting and NC cutting machine cutting. Manual cutting is flexible and convenient, but the manual cutting quality is poor, the size error is large, the material waste is large, the subsequent processing workload is large, at the same time, the working condition is bad, the production efficiency is low. In a semi-automatic cutting machine, the quality of cutting workpiece is good, because it uses cutting die, it is not suitable for single piece, small batch and large workpiece cutting. Although other types of semi-automatic stone cutting segment machines reduce the labor intensity of workers, their functions are simple and are only suitable for cutting some of the more regular shapes of parts. Compared with manual and semi-automatic cutting, NC cutting can effectively improve the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of plate cutting, and reduce the labor intensity of operators. With the development of the modern machinery industry, the working efficiency and product quality of sheet metal cutting are also improved at the same time. Therefore, the market potential of CNC cutting machines is still very large, and the market prospect is more optimistic.


From the 1970s to now, a variety of special mechanical stone processing equipment, such as diamond rope saw, diamond sawing machine, vertical engraving machine, multifunctional NC machining center and so on, have been developed one after another. Their working efficiency is much higher than that of manual processing, and the industrial batch generation of stone has been realized.



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