How does a diamond wire saw work?

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The preparation technology of Kumgang wire is not very popular, and the technology in the West and Japan is relatively developed-some, and many companies in China are working hard. Many companies have claimed to have been able to produce diamond cutting wires just over 120 microns in diameter.

Here is the content list:

Types of diamond wire saws

Application field of diamond wire saw

Diamond wire saw cutting has advantages


Types of diamond wire saws

1. Electroplating type: A linear superhard material tool made of depositing a layer of metal (usually nickel and nickel-cobalt alloy) on the wire by electroplating and solidifying diamond abrasive in metal. Metal coating is a binder, diamond abrasive is used for cutting.


Electroplated diamond wire saws can be made into different diameters and lengths according to the needs; wire saws can be installed on different equipment to form different processing methods, such as reciprocating cycle (saw frame) type, high speed band saw type, wire cutting type and so on. For the processing of hard and brittle materials, wire saws can not only cut thin pieces, but also machining curved surfaces, and can also be used for the development and repair of small holes, and its application prospect is broad. At present, the domestic production of electroplated diamond wire saw is more mature enterprises are JIANGXI XINGUANG DIAMOND TOOLS CO., LTD. investment is earlier, strong technical strength.


2. Resin type: the diamond abrasive is consolidated on the wire by using resin as a binder.


Application field of diamond wire saw

1. Solar energy field: the cutting side of a single silicon rod or polysilicon ingot; the slice of the silicon wafer.


2. LED field: sapphire crystal rod is square and sliced.


3. Other fields: magnetic materials such as neodymium magnet or Ferrite magnet; silicon carbide and other difficult cutting materials, various substrate; crystal chip; ceramic cutting.


Diamond wire saw cutting has advantages

Different from the previous mortar cutting technology, diamond wire saw cutting adopts multi-wire cutting technology. This technology has a strong cutting ability and high efficiency; the wire diameter and size control of diamond wire saw is very strict, the cutting loss of cutting material is very small, and the precision of cutting product is very high; because of not using mortar, the working environment is clean, so it is a kind of energy-saving and environment-friendly product.


Electroplated diamond wire saw has its unique advantages:

(1) compared with a free abrasive wire saw, its machining efficiency is higher and the energy consumption is lower.

(2) it can avoid mixing in the manufacturing process of sintered diamond tools, such as material, granulation, sintering, welding (or injection molding) and so on.

(3) it can be used to process non-conductors which can not be machined by electronic discharge machining (II) M).

(4) Diamond wire saw is wound around the drum, and the workpiece (such as a silicon rod) can be cut many times at the same time, and the workpiece can be machined at the same time.

(5) because of the distance between the beads of sintered diamond wire saw, the fracture of steel wire (wire) may be caused by premature wear of the spacing part [6 ≤ 7], while the continuous distribution of diamond in electroplated diamond wire saw can avoid the premature fracture of wire saw.

(6) compared with circular saw and band saw, wire saw can flexibly change the cutting direction and can be used to process complex geometry.

(7) due to the small diameter of the wire saw (general < 1ram), the notch loss in machining is small, which is of great significance for the processing of expensive semiconductors and precious stones.


Gold steel wire is revolutionary progress for the solar silicon material cutting industry. it has many advantages (compared with the traditional steel wire and mortar cutting method): it can realize high speed cutting, environmental protection production, overall cost reduction and so on, and has an obvious performance-price ratio advantage compared with the same type of foreign products.

There are many types of diamond wire saws we provide, such as diamond wire saw for granite, diamond wire saw for marble and so on.


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