How to protect the diamond wire saw?

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Judging from the current market situation, the diamond wire saw market is very objective and considerable, with a huge development market, and the market has a very large demand for it.

Protection method of diamond wire saw

Precautions for the use of diamond wire saws

Different types of diamond wire saws


Protection method of diamond wire saw

1. Clean up the electric control box, body and operating table on a regular basis. Moisture and dust on the surface, keep the equipment clean.


2. Keep the inside of the control box dry. If idle for a long time, drying should be carried out before reuse.


3. Often clean the guideway and the middle feed roller and apply grease to prevent corrosion.


4. The dirt on the equipment should be cleaned in time after each sawing operation, and the equipment should be thoroughly cleaned once a week in order to prevent fouling and corrosion equipment.


5. Be careful when moving the operating station and do not forcibly pull the cable. The console should be placed in a rain-proof place.


6. Overhaul the equipment once a year. Please refer to the safety regulations and techniques.


7. When we use a diamond rope sawing machine, we must pay attention to the use of equipment, maintenance, if there is a problem, we must deal with and solve the problem in a timely manner.


Precautions for the use of diamond wire saws

All kinds of materials removed after rope saw cutting should be cleaned in time and stacked in the designated place. The superstructure should set up a string of tubes to dump, shall not be thrown from high places at will, and timely clearance and transportation. The removed materials and construction waste should be cleaned up in a timely manner, and it is strictly forbidden to leave it at a high altitude. The removed material should be removed from the vertical lifting device or drain slot. Construction waste should be removed from the garbage well. Demolition construction shall be carried out in stages and shall not be crossed vertically.


The hole should be closed. It is strictly forbidden for many people to gather or pile up materials on the floor. When removing the beam, it should be ensured that when its fall is effectively controlled, the steel bars at both ends can be cut off and put down slowly one by one. When removing the column, the steel bar should be chiseled out along the bottom of the column, the manual inverted chain directional traction should be used, and the three sides of the column should be cut by gas welding to retain the steel bar in the front of the traction direction. When removing pipes and containers, the types and chemical properties of the residues must be found out, and the corresponding measures must be taken before the demolition construction can be carried out.


Different types of diamond wire saws

1. Concrete rope sawing machine


Concrete diamond rope sawing machine is mainly used in engineering cutting, almost unaffected by the size of the cutting object can start cutting from any angle, transverse, vertical, longitudinal and so on. At the time of construction, the noise is lower, the dust vibration is smaller, and the efficiency is much higher.


2. Marble diamond rope sawing machine


Marble diamond rope sawing machine is the most widely used in many industries that need to be cut, especially in the mining industry, which is used in marble mining. The emergence of this machine replaces the traditional blasting method. The mining process is not only safer, but also protects the environment and maximizes the use of resources.


3. Granite diamond rope sawing machine


Granite diamond rope sawing machine is mainly used to cut granite, and the hardness of granite is also very high. However, the price of granite is one point more expensive, and the price of rope saw machine is also higher. In granite mining



The correct use of diamond wire saws is a very good way to save labor time and physical strength. Diamond wire saws are very convenient for workers' daily operations and improve labor productivity.


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