How to use diamond wire saw?

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Diamond wire saw is a very popular advanced machine that can replace manual labor in the current market.  He can not only save raw materials, but also greatly improve the current work efficiency. The machine technology he now has is top-notch.

The role of hydraulic diamond wire saw

Advantages of electric diamond wire saw

Use of diamond wire saw

The role of hydraulic diamond wire saw

1. Diamond rope saws are to be cut in the direction of each clip in the spring diamond rope saw. There are clear arrow marks on it.

2. If there is no marking arrow, it can also be identified by the diamond rope saw itself. The long matrix is the tail, the short is the front end, so the short front end is the cutting direction of the spring diamond rope saw.

3. Before use, a diamond rope saw is a closed cycle after docking, if not, it needs to be docked first.

4. In use, please make sure that the cutting direction of the diamond rope saw is forward and can not be cut in the reverse direction, so as to avoid taper at the front and back ends and ensure the normal use of diamond rope saw.

5. Install the diamond rope saw on the rope saw and tighten the diamond rope saw relatively tight, and then start the equipment to start working.

Advantages of electric diamond wire saw

1. The saw head is relatively heavy, but this weight is precisely his advantage. In the actual construction, the saw head can be fixed directly by pressing the bottom angle of the ancient concrete slab without having to hit the implosion screw, thus greatly cutting the concrete.

2. There is no need for a lot of cooling water. People who have used the hydraulic rope sawing machine know that the hydraulic pumping station must use cooling water in order to cool the oil temperature. Electric rope saws do not need a large amount of cooling water, only need the cooling water of the rope (it is enough to use the bucket to keep it by itself).

3. Low cost: the cost is much lower because it eliminates the hydraulic pressure.

Use of diamond wire saw

This product is a professional wall cutting machine, used for professional internal wall and outer wall reinforced concrete and stone cutting.

Especially suitable for house reconstruction and demolition

Different from the previous mortar cutting technology, diamond wire saw cutting adopts multi-wire cutting technology.  This technology has the strong cutting ability and high efficiency; the wire diameter size control of the diamond wire saw is very strict, the cutting loss of the cutting material is small, and the cutting product precision is high; because it does not use mortar, the working environment is clean, which is a kind of energy saving , environmentally friendly products.

With the vigorous development of the machine industry now, and possibly with the passage of time, diamond wire saws will replace labor on a large scale, and if the laborers are proficient in the operation technology of diamond wire saws, the production efficiency can be quickly improved.

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