Introduction of diamond saw wire

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Diamond saw wire is also called diamond wire, which refers to the use of electroplating process or resin bonding method to fix the diamond abrasive on the metal wire. In the 1990s, to solve the problem of processing large-size silicon wafers, the diamond saw wire processing technology was used to cut the silicon rods into pieces. The early diamond saw wire processing technology used bare metal wires and free abrasives. During the processing, the abrasive was added to the metal wire and the workpiece to produce cutting action. This technique has been successfully used for the processing of silicon and silicon carbide. To further shorten the processing time, and to process other hard materials and difficult-to-process ceramics, diamond abrasives are fixed to the metal wire in a certain way, resulting in a diamond saw wire.

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  • Types of diamond saw wire.

  • Cutting advantages of diamond saw wire.

  • Selection of Diamond saw wire.

Types of diamond saw wire

1. Electroplated diamond saw wire: A linear superhard material tool made by depositing a layer of metal (usually nickel and nickel-cobalt alloy) on the metal wire by electroplating, and consolidating diamond abrasive in the metal. The metal coating is the bonding agent, and the diamond abrasive is used for cutting. Electroplated diamond saw wire can be made into different diameters and lengths according to needs; diamond saw wire can be installed on different equipment to form different processing methods, such as reciprocating cycle (saw frame) type, high-speed band saw type, wire cutting type, etc. For the processing of hard and brittle materials, the diamond saw wire can not only cut thin slices but also process curved surfaces. It can also be used for the training of small holes. Its application prospects are broad.

2. Resin type diamond saw wire: Use resin as a bonding agent to consolidate the diamond abrasive on the metal wire.

Cutting advantages of diamond saw wire

Different from the previous mortar cutting technology, diamond saw wire cutting adopts multi-wire cutting technology. This technology has the strong cutting ability and high efficiency; the diameter and size of diamond saw wire is controlled strictly, the cutting loss of the cutting material is small, and the cutting product precision is high; because it does not use mortar, the working environment is clean, which is a kind of energy-saving Environmentally friendly products.

Selection of Diamond saw wire


To make the diamond abrasive adhere to the diamond saw wire more firmly, the diamond needs to be treated and pretreated, that is, the diamond is coated, that is, a layer of nickel-metal (or other metal) is uniformly covered on the diamond surface. This kind of diamond is called Nickel-plated diamond has the following advantages:

1. Using advanced composite plating technology, the product has a dense coating and high grinding ability;

2. The surface roughness of the nickel-plated thorn products is large, and the holding force with the bonding agent is high;

3. The heat dissipation capacity is strong, and the life of the obtained products is extended;

4. The product is exposed to plating and has fewer continuous crystals;

5. Strong self-sharpening, able to maintain good grinding efficiency and service life.

(2) Bare wire

The bare wire is also a bus bar attached to the diamond. Generally, a metal wire is used to evenly fix the diamond on the outer periphery of the bare wire through electroplating or resin bonding. At the same time, the bare wire must maintain a certain strength and toughness to ensure that the diamond saw wire is not Will break or break.

At last

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