Introduction of diamond wire saw

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A diamond wire saw is a cutting and dismantling tool for mines, blocks, curved slabs, large slabs of stone, thick concrete, irregular concrete steel bars, bridges, and roads. The Diamond wire saw is easy to install, flexible in use, and can be cut horizontally or vertically. A diamond wire saw is a kind of saw designed to cut brittle and hard materials by using the principle of wire sawing wood breaking.

Here is the content list:

  • The introduction about Diamond wire saw.

  • Operation specification of Diamond wire saw.

  • Code of safe operation of Diamond wire saw.

The introduction about Diamond wire saw

Diamond wire saw cut is generally divided into concrete according to the system, based marble, granite-based, four series of straight lines, mainly from the cutting action of a saw, in theory, if a sufficient mechanical means and with a sufficiently long Diamond wire saw, can cut in half the average earth, because Diamond wire saw beads which contain the above is the nature of the highest hardness of the material, any material capable of cutting.

Operation specification of Diamond wire saw

1. Straighten the rope when in use, and twist it according to 1-2 turns/m, which can effectively prevent eccentric wear, and then connect the Diamond wire saw into a closed loop with hydraulic clamps and press buckles. Before cutting, be sure to distinguish the direction of the use of the Diamond wire saw, and do not rotate in the opposite direction for cutting.

2. Try to avoid sharp-angle cutting during use to avoid damage to the Diamond wire saw. If necessary, increase the support guide wheel.

3. The wear of the guide wheel will reduce the coincidence of the Diamond wire saw and the guide wheel, which will affect the wire speed of the Diamond wire saw, and then affect the cutting efficiency. The rubber ring of the guide wheel needs to be replaced in time.

4. The Diamond wire saw must be cooled when cutting, and the water volume can be adjusted according to the noise during cutting and the turbidity of the cooling water. The amount of cooling water is not as much as possible. Too much cooling water will easily affect the self-sharpening of the Diamond wire saw and cause the Diamond wire saw to slip; too little cooling water will easily cause the beads to heat up and affect the cutting life.

5. Pay attention to ensuring the tension. If the tension is too small, the cutting speed will be slow and easy to get off the rope; if the tension is too large, the Diamond wire saw will wear quickly, and there is a risk of the rope breaking at the connection.

6. When the Diamond wire saw is not in use, the tension should be unloaded and stored in a dry place.

Code of safe operation of Diamond wire saw

(1) All wire saw equipment should comply with national or related standards.

(2) Safety isolation facilities and personal protection measures must be provided around the wire saw working surface on the construction site before construction can be carried out.

(3) In the working state of the product, personnel must be 15 meters away from the working surface, and personnel is strictly prohibited from staying in the tangent area in the direction of the wire saw; if on-site maintenance is required, the operation must be stopped after the machine is shut down.

(4) During the use of the product, it is a normal phenomenon that some beads are loose due to wear and impact. After a cutting operation, the product status must be checked, and the loose part of the beads should be cut off, or the product should be stopped.

At last

Diamond wire saws are widely used in mining, block shaping, slab cutting, bridge cutting, beam cutting, underwater cutting, and other fields. If you need it, please visit our company's official website and contact us.

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