Production of diamond cutting wire

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At this stage, diamond cutting wires are mainly used for cutting hard and brittle materials. Customers are concentrated in photovoltaic silicon materials and sapphire industries, with a high concentration. At present, about 80% of China's diamond cutting wires enter the photovoltaic industry through downstream silicon wafer manufacturers. Especially after removing technical barriers, the premium capacity of diamond cutting wires for silicon wafer cutting has been improved, which is the core of the industry's demand flexibility.

Here is the content list:

  • The production process of the diamond cutting wire.

  • Advantages of the diamond cutting wire.

  • Diamond cutting wire technology needs to be improved.

The production process of diamond cutting wire

The development of high-performance fixed abrasive diamond cutting wires is the key to the development and application of wire saw technology. Therefore, preliminary experimental research on the manufacturing technology of electroplated diamond cutting wires has been carried out, and the manufacturing process and electroplating parameters of electroplated diamond cutting wires have been studied and optimized. The test selects φ200μm steel wire as the matrix and diamond abrasive grains with an average abrasive grain size of 20um to make saw wires. By analyzing the influence of the current density and sanding time during the production of diamond cutting wires on the appearance quality of the diamond cutting wire, the density of diamond grains on the surface of the diamond cutting wire, and the bonding force between the coating and the substrate, the law is obtained. The best process parameters for the production of electroplated diamond cutting wires are presented. The sanding process adopts the buried sand method and the best process parameters for making good-quality electroplated diamond cutting wires are: the temperature of the electroplating solution is 35 ~ 40 °C, the pH value is 3.8 ~ 4.2, and the current density corresponding to each stage is 1.8 and 1.5 respectively. And 2.0A/dm2, the time of the bottom plating, sanding, and thickening plating is 6, 8, and 18min. The electroplated saw wire is kept at 200°C for one hour for hydrogen removal treatment. The diameter of the trial-produced diamond cutting wire is 250μm, which improves the utilization rate of processing materials. There are two types of bonded abrasive lines: resin bonded diamond cutting wires and electroplated diamond cutting wires. The application of resin-bonded diamond cutting wires is limited due to the large heat generated during the high-speed cutting process and the low-temperature resistance of the resin. The electroplated diamond cutting wire is considered to be a high-tech product with promising development prospects for solar polysilicon cutting.

Advantages of diamond cutting wire

a. Compared with the traditional cutting method, the electroplated diamond cutting wire has a lower cutting cost and higher efficiency: the total operating cost is reduced by 30%, and the cutting speed is 2.8 times that of the traditional cutting method.

b. Provide a cleaner and more convenient production environment: because there is no need to use a mortar and the design of SiC/PEG is omitted, waste generation and waste disposal costs are reduced. Make the production environment cleaner and easily meet the environmental protection requirements of downstream high-end customers.

c. High tensile strength: The strength of the electroplated diamond cutting wire is more than 110% of the strength of the original wire. Successfully solved the technical problem of electroplating induced tensile stress, which caused embrittlement of the electroplated wire, and the interruption rate of the cutting process was lower than that of similar products.

d. Strong cutting ability and good surface quality: to achieve uniform distribution of diamond powder particles, controllable density, no agglomeration, and uniform wire diameter of electroplated diamond cutting wires, strong cutting ability, and good surface quality.

Diamond cutting wire technology needs to be improved

1. The cost is high. This is a relatively new technology that has not yet reached popularization. The main diamond cutting wire depends on imports. The supply of diamond wire from domestic companies in my country is still relatively small, so the price is relatively high, and the price of diamond materials is relatively high. Copper-plated zinc-plated materials are much higher.

2. The diamond cutting wire is too thick, resulting in a greater loss of silicon wafers. The loss of silicon wafer is directly related to the thickness of the cutting line. The thicker the wafer, the more natural loss. The mainstream cutting line is ultra-fine cutting steel wire with a diameter of about 120um. The diameter of the diamond cutting wire in practical application is about 250um, which is more than twice that of ultra-fine cutting wire.

3. There will be cut marks which will result in low conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon cells. Therefore, diamond cutting wires are mainly used in the field of rough processing of silicon wafers, for example, they have been used in the preparation of silicon ingots. In the finer slicing area, ultra-fine cutting steel wire is still used.

At last

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