What is a diamond saw segment?

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Diamond saw segments are mainly used for cutting granite, marble, sandstone, basalt, concrete, limestone, and other stones. Diamond saw segments are suitable for single blades or multiple blades. So do you know what a diamond saw segment is? Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • The appearance classification of diamond saw segments.

  • The feed speed of the diamond saw the segment.

  • The manufacturing method of diamond saw the segment.

The appearance classification of diamond saw segments.

The first could be a continuous edge diamond saw segment. Continuous rough diamond saw segments square measure usually created by a sintering methodology. Bronze bond is usually used because of the base matrix material. Water should be accessorial throughout cutting to confirm the cutting result, and an optical device is often wont to cut the categories of gaps.

The second kind is that the bit-type diamond saw segment. The serration is broken, the cutting speed is quick, and it's appropriate for dry and wet cutting strategies.

The third kind is that the turbine-type diamond saw segment. Combining the benefits of the previous 2 diamond saw segments, the saw teeth ceaselessly gift a rotary engine form with totally different materials. Differing types of diamond saw segments square measure elect. Different powder formulas square measure appropriate for the characteristics of various materials, that affect the standard, effect, pass rate, and price of the fabric product. And edges have an instantaneous impact.

The feed speed of the diamond saw the segment.

The feed speed of the diamond saw segment is that the feed speed of the sawn stone. Its size affects the sawing rate, the force of the diamond saw segment, and therefore the cooling of the sawing space. Its price ought to be elect per the character of the stone being sawn. usually speaking, once cutting soft stone, like marble, the feed speed of the diamond saw segment is often fitly exaggerated. If the feed speed of the diamond saw segment is just too low, it's additional causative to extend the sawing rate. The diamond saw segment saws fine-grained, comparatively homogenous granite, which might fitly increase the feed speed of the diamond saw segment. If the feed speed of the diamond saw segment is just too low, the diamond blade is going to be simply ground. However, once the diamond saw segment cuts coarse-grained granite with uneven softness and hardness, the feed speed ought to be reduced, otherwise, it'll cause the saw blade to vibrate and cause the diamond to interrupt and cut back the sawing rate. The feed speed of sawing granite is usually elect within the vary of 9m to 12m/min.

The producing methodology of the diamond saw the segment.

These materials have the characteristics of high strength, smart wear resistance, and low constant of thermal enlargement, which verify that the lifetime of diamond saw segments is extremely short once they square measure machined. the event of the latest wear-resistant and stable superhard diamond saw segments could be an analysis topic for several universities, analysis institutes, and enterprises. Diamond integrates several glorious properties like mechanics, optics, heat, acoustics, optics, etc. it's extraordinarily high hardness, low friction constant, high thermal physical phenomenon, low thermal enlargement constant, and chemical inertia. it's a perfect material for producing diamond saw segments.

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