What is a diamond wire saw?

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It is expected that before the finer diamond wire can be developed and widely used and the cutting mark problem can be solved, the diamond wire can not replace the existing ultra-fine cutting steel wire in the field of fine cutting (also the main field of silicon wafer processing). However, technological progress and innovation in this area is quite rapid, from the point of view of utilization, efficiency, the diamond line will become the mainstream in the near future.

The production and selection of diamond wire saw

Advantages of diamond wire saw

The basic structure of diamond wire saw

The production and selection of diamond wire saw

I. Diamond

In order to make diamond wire abrasive adhere to steel wire more firmly, the diamond needs to be treated and pretreated, that is, diamond is coated with nickel metal (or other metals) evenly on the surface of the diamond. This kind of diamond is called a nickel-plated diamond.

Nickel-plated diamond products have the following advantages:

1. Adopt advanced composite plating technology, the coating of the product is dense and the grinding ability is high.

2. The surface roughness of nickel-plated spiny products is large, and the control force between nickel-plated spines and binders is high.

3. The heat dissipation capacity is strong, and the life of the products is prolonged.

4. The products are exposed and even have fewer crystals.

5. GHN series products have strong self-sharpness and can maintain good grinding efficiency and service life.

II. Bare wire

Bare wire is a busbar attached to diamond, generally using metal wire diamond is uniformly fixed around the bare wire by electroplating and resin combination, at the same time, the bare wire should maintain a certain strength and toughness margin rigid line will not break or break.

Advantages of diamond wire saw

1. High speed and high benefit.

2. The speed can reach 32 meters per second (the industry is 25 times 28 meters per second), and the production efficiency is very high.

3. People can operate multiple pieces of equipment at the same time to save manpower and improve efficiency for your factory.

4. Superior performance and stable use.

5. The precision of repeated positioning is 0.003mm, the precision is high, and the precision of machining is less than 1 wire.

6. Good safety, zero accident rate.

7. Digital intelligent system, computer control, the requirement of workers' skills do not need to be too high, can meet the market demand; avoid the risk of traditional manual work, so that workers.

The incidence of accidents was reduced to zero

The basic structure of diamond wire saw

1. The wire transport mechanism is an imported material plastic guideway, which is diamond wire widely used in machining centers, which not only ensures the accuracy of wire transportation, but also reduces the friction coefficient and improves the response of wire tube movement.

2. The waterproof guide wheel assembly developed by ourselves is the leading level in waterproof performance in China, and the life of guide wheel bearing is increased by 2 times.

3. Taper processing mechanism can be selected flexibly, and + 3*/80mm or + 30 °/ 80mm can be selected according to the needs of users.

Gold steel wire is revolutionary progress for the solar silicon material cutting industry. it has many advantages (compared with the traditional steel wire and mortar cutting method): it can realize high speed cutting, environmental protection production, overall cost reduction and so on, and has an obvious performance-price ratio advantage compared with the same type of foreign products.

In addition, we also provide Diamond Segment, Diamond Saw Blade and other products.

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