What is the diamond segment for quarry?

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Diamond cutting is a kind of cutting tool, which is widely used in the processing of stone, concrete, prefabricated board, new and old roads, ceramics and other hard and brittle materials. The diamond cutting piece is mainly composed of two parts: the matrix and the cutter head matrix are the main supporting parts of the bonded tool head, and the knife head plays a cutting part in the process of use.

Classification of diamond segments in quarries

Processing range of diamond segment in quarry

Installation of the diamond segment in quarry

Classification of diamond segments in quarries

Different kinds of diamond saw blades are selected for different materials, and different powder formula is suitable for the characteristics of different materials, which has a direct impact on the quality, effect, qualified rate and even cost and benefit of the material products.

The factors that affect the efficiency and life of diamond circular saw blades are sawing process parameters, diamond particle size, concentration, binder hardness and so on. According to the cutting energy, there are saw blade line speed, sawing concentration and feed speed.

Processing range of diamond segment in quarry

1. Suitable for the cutting of terrazzo marble.

2.Cutting of cement pavement, hard refractories and non-metallic materials.

3. The slotting of a slotted section to a road, bridge, or river.

4. The engraving of the road to the road surface and bridge deck.

Installation of the diamond segment in quarry

Whether the diamond circular saw blade is installed correctly or not and the installation accuracy are closely related to the cutting efficiency, cutting quality and service life of the saw blade. After installation, it is necessary to ensure that the saw blade runs smoothly and does not produce vibration in the cutting process (except for the influence of the quality of the saw blade and the rigidity of the cutting machine).

When installing the saw blade, it is necessary to ensure that the direction of cutting edge marked on the saw blade and the rotation direction of the cutting machine spindle are caused; in order to clean up the surface of the contact among the saw blade mounting hole, the cutting machine spindle and the flange, it is necessary to ensure that the contact between them is smooth and good; the flange diameter should be reasonably selected according to the saw blade diameter. If the flange is too small, the end face of the saw blade will be large when used, and the main shaft hanging weight will be increased when the flange is too large, which will also increase the beating and reduce the processing depth of the material at the same time.

The knife head will be consumed continuously in use and the matrix will not. The cutting effect of the tool head is because it contains diamond, diamond as the hardest material at present, it friction cutting the machined object in the tool head. Diamond particles, on the other hand, are wrapped in metal on the inside of the knife head.

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