Introduction of diamond cutting wire

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Diamond cutting wire is called diamond wire, also known as diamond cutting wire or diamond wire. In addition to diamond cutting wires that are mainly used for cutting sapphire and crystalline silicon wafers, in recent years, with the continuous innovation of downstream new material applications, the types and scope of diamond cutting wires are also expanding. In the field of consumer electronics, zirconia ceramics have begun to be used on a large scale in fingerprint recognition module patches and smartphone backplanes. Zirconia ceramic backplanes complement or even replace metal backplanes, creating new market opportunities for the large-scale application of diamond cutting wires to ceramic cutting.

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  • Description of diamond cutting wire.

  • The condition of the diamond cutting wire

  • The dilemma that domestic diamond cutting wires need to break.

Description of diamond cutting wire

Many hard materials in the industry are cut by cutting steel wire or higher-quality diamond cutting wires, such as polycrystalline silicon slices, single crystal silicon, and ingots in the photovoltaic field.

For cutting steel wire, its material will be extremely important. In the course of use, excessive wire breakage and poor product quality are related to the material of the steel wire. The mainstream silicon wafer cutting line used in the photovoltaic field is ultra-fine cutting steel wire with a diameter of about 120um. The raw material is high-carbon steel, and the material is 80C, 86C, and 90C.

As the name suggests, diamond cutting wires are related to diamonds. Generally, it is a diamond cutting wire made by inlaying tiny particles of diamond on the cutting steel wire. We know that diamond is a super hard and very versatile cutting material. The diamond cutting wire has diamond micro serrations, which increases the cutting ability of the steel wire, and can greatly accelerate the cutting speed and cutting ability. The diamond cutting wire is a revolutionary advancement for the solar silicon material cutting industry. Therefore, it is generally expected that future applications will be very extensive and costly.

The condition of the diamond cutting wire

The preparation technology of diamond cutting wire is not very popular. Western and Japanese technologies are relatively developed, and many companies in China are working hard. Many companies have claimed to have been able to produce diamond-cutting wires with a diameter slightly above 120 microns. It is expected that before a finer diamond cutting wire can be developed and widely used and the problem of cutting marks can be solved, the diamond cutting wire cannot replace the existing ultra-fine cutting wire in the field of fine cutting (which is also the main field of silicon wafer processing). However, technological progress and innovation in this area are quite rapid. From the perspective of utilization and efficiency, diamond-cutting wires will become mainstream shortly.

Diamond cutting wire is a revolutionary advancement for the solar silicon material cutting industry. It has many advantages (compared with traditional steel wire and mortar cutting methods): high-speed cutting can be achieved, environmentally friendly production, overall cost reduction, etc., And has obvious cost-effective advantages compared with foreign products of the same type.

The diamond cutting wire on the market is mainly monopolized by foreign companies. In the diamond cutting wire market for solar silicon material cutting, Chinese manufacturing is still in a blank state. The domestic diamond cutting wire for solar silicon material cutting is all imported, which has become a foreign company. The highly dependent key auxiliary materials have severely restricted the maximum development of my country's solar silicon material production capacity.

The dilemma that domestic diamond cutting wires need to break

High-speed cutting is for the traditional mortar cutting method. It is 2-3 times faster than the traditional cutting speed. It can reduce the cost of purchasing equipment, and it can also enable users to accept larger orders and reduce defective products.

Environmentally-friendly production is also for the traditional mortar cutting method. The traditional cutting process has a harsh environment and is not environmentally friendly, and a large amount of mortar needs to be recycled, which consumes a lot of manpower and financial costs. However, the diamond cutting wire process does not require mortar. Water or water-based cooling and cleaning fluid are all that is needed, which truly realizes environmentally friendly production and manufacturing.

Compared with the prices of foreign products, the products independently developed by our country are only about 60% of their prices, which greatly reduces the cutting cost of domestic users.

It is understood that the diamond cutting wire technology has been widely used by more than 90% of users in Japan and more than 20% of users in Europe and the United States. This has forced our people to step up research and development and manufacture of diamond cutting wires with our intellectual property rights, breaking the need for imported procurement To provide domestic users with high-quality and low-cost diamond cutting wires.

At last

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