diamond wire saw for stone cutting

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  • Use of wire saw

    Wire saws are equipment for cutting and dismantling thick concrete and irregular concrete. For example, concrete structures such as girders, supports, high-speed rail piers, equipment foundations, and other concrete structures need to be partially demolished, and only a wire saw can be used. The met

  • Introduction of wire saw

    The wire saw is a combination of wire saw the drive, flywheel, guide wheel, and wire saw chain (made of diamond material). It is a kind of saw designed to cut brittle and hard materials by using the principle of wire sawing wood breaking. Used in mining, block shaping, slab cutting, bridge cutting,

  • Introduction of diamond wire

    Diamond wire is made by consolidating diamond powder particles uniformly on a high-strength steel wire body with a certain distribution density through a special process. Through the Diamond wire cutting machine, the Diamond wire and the object are subjected to high-speed grinding movement, to achie

  • Introduction of diamond cutting wire

    Diamond cutting wire is called diamond wire, also known as diamond cutting wire or diamond wire. In addition to diamond cutting wires that are mainly used for cutting sapphire and crystalline silicon wafers, in recent years, with the continuous innovation of downstream new material applications, the

  • Application range of diamond saw segments

    The application range of diamond saw segments is very wide. Diamond saw segments can be used in the processing of difficult-to-process non-ferrous metal materials, the processing of difficult-to-process non-metallic materials, ultra-precision processing, particleboard woodworking, and so on. Let me

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