Introduction of diamond wire

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Diamond wire is made by consolidating diamond powder particles uniformly on a high-strength steel wire body with a certain distribution density through a special process. Through the Diamond wire cutting machine, the Diamond wire and the object are subjected to high-speed grinding movement, to achieve the purpose of cutting. Diamond wire is mainly used for cutting crystalline silicon wafers, with a wire diameter of 60-70μm.

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  • Advantages of Diamond wire.

  • Application history of Diamond wire.

  • Application of Diamond wire in the field of silicon wafer cutting.

Advantages of Diamond wire

(1) The cutting efficiency of Diamond wire is high, the wire consumption of a single chip is low, and the energy consumption is saved;

(2) Reliable and stable product quality, uniform distribution of diamond particles in the Diamond wire, with extremely strong coating adhesion performance;

(3) According to customer needs, the Diamond wire can be customized, including diameter, length, I-wheel packaging, etc.

Application history of Diamond wire

The large-scale application of Diamond wire to sapphire cutting started in 2007, and the cutting of crystalline silicon wafers has just started in 2010. Due to higher raw material purity requirements and the physical properties of the material, Diamond wire is more conducive to cutting thin silicon wafers. Since 2015, a few industry representatives have first adopted Diamond wire to cut single crystal silicon. Up to now, the main manufacturers of monocrystalline silicon have generally adopted Diamond wire cutting of monocrystalline silicon; in the field of sawing processing of polycrystalline silicon rods, the mortar wire cutting technology was mainly used before 2015. As some industry pioneers, The application of Diamond wire to polysilicon cutting silicon wafer surface texturing problem has been removed from the technical level the obstacles of Diamond wire used in polysilicon slicing.

Application of Diamond wire in the field of silicon wafer cutting

In the field of silicon wafer cutting, the process has hardly changed in the past ten years. With the expansion of industrial-scale and the pressure of cost growth, reducing costs, improving production efficiency, and controlling the damage of silicon carbide to the environment have become constraints on the development of the photovoltaic industry. The bottleneck caused the industry to start to seek a new silicon slicing technology-Diamond wire cutting technology.

Compared with free cutting technology, Diamond wire cutting has three key advantages: its cutting speed can be 2-3 times faster, and the machine productivity is increased by more than 1.5 times; it does not use expensive and difficult to handle mortar; single-piece consumables are far reduced, Quickly reduce the cutting cost by about US$0.10/piece. Some companies have succeeded in the cutting of monocrystalline silicon on the scale of Diamond wire in only 2-3 years, and fundamentally solved all the supporting process problems from texturing to cell to module, and completely replaced it. The mortar process that has been in operation for more than ten years has opened up a future for the reduction of photovoltaic power generation costs and the prosperity of the Diamond wire manufacturing industry.

In addition to Diamond wire cutting mainly for sapphire and crystalline silicon wafers, in recent years, with the continuous innovation of downstream new material applications, the types and scope of Diamond wire cutting applications are also expanding. In the field of consumer electronics, zirconia ceramics have begun to be used on a large scale in fingerprint recognition module patches and smartphone backplanes. Zirconia ceramic backplanes complement or even replace metal backplanes, creating new market opportunities for the large-scale application of Diamond wire in ceramic cutting.

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