Use of wire saw

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Wire saws are equipment for cutting and dismantling thick concrete and irregular concrete. For example, concrete structures such as girders, supports, high-speed rail piers, equipment foundations, and other concrete structures need to be partially demolished, and only a wire saw can be used. The method is flexible and can be cut horizontally or vertically.

Here is the content list:

  • Classification of wire saws.

  • Different kinds of wire saws.

  • The development of wire saws.

Classification of wire saws

Wire saws are generally divided into four series according to the cutting objects: concrete series, marble series, granite series, and heterosexual series. They are mainly used for sawing and are a kind of saw. Theoretically speaking, if they are equipped with enough mechanical devices and long enough The wire saw can completely cut the earth into two halves, because the diamond contained in the beads on the wire saw is the hardest substance in nature, and it can cut any material.

Different kinds of wire saws

Compared with traditional saw blades, concrete tether saws are not limited by the size of buildings, and can be cut in any direction, such as crosscut, vertical, diagonal, etc., and get rid of construction vibration, noise, dust, and other environmental problems. The efficiency is extremely high, and it can be remotely controlled for underwater cutting;

The use of marble tethered wire saws is currently very extensive. Nowadays, most of the marble mines in the world use the wire sawing process for mining. Compared with the traditional explosive method, this mining method has a qualitative leap. It not only protects the environment, but also the use of resources has achieved maximum savings. At present, there are still some rare stone materials in our country that are mined by explosive methods, which not only has a great impact on the environment but also is a great waste of precious resources. This kind of wire saw is usually fixed by a spring. Two vertical holes are drilled in the horizontal or vertical direction to penetrate the rope and then cut by mechanical drive. It can be cut to different sizes according to actual needs, which represents a kind of mining in the future.

The purpose of a granite tether saw is similar to that of a marble tether saw, but the diamonds contained in the diamond beads on the granite tie are of good quality and the price is higher, so the cost is higher. At present, more and more wire saw cutting processes are used in granite mining. It can greatly reduce waste and is safer and more efficient. Although the purchase cost is high, the overall cost is much lower than the traditional in the long run. The cost of the explosion method.

Special-shaped tether saws can be made according to the special requirements of customers. They are mainly used for processing diamond saw blades and other sawing tools that cannot be completed by other sawing tools. Generally, they are stone products with larger diameters or larger volumes.

The development of wire saws

Due to the special performance of the wire saw, at present, a new type of tool with a promising market prospect has been developed based on the wire saw. It is a miniature wire saw. The industry name is "diamond wire saw". The diameter of the wire saw can be made. Up to 0.2mm, it can process high-precision circuit board wire grooves, and there is no burr, the accuracy is very high, and it is not limited by the size of the workpiece. This is a new type of tool that will play an unimaginable role in the circuit board, electrical appliances, and other industries in the future.

At last

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