Introduction of wire saw

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The wire saw is a combination of wire saw the drive, flywheel, guide wheel, and wire saw chain (made of diamond material). It is a kind of saw designed to cut brittle and hard materials by using the principle of wire sawing wood breaking. Used in mining, block shaping, slab cutting, bridge cutting, beam cutting, underwater cutting, and other fields.

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  • How to use the wire saw?

  • Wire saw division.

  • Wire saw application.

How to use the wire saw

(1) Fixed wire saw machine and guide wheel

Fix the main tripod and auxiliary tripod of the wire saw with M16 chemical anchors. The guide wheel must be installed smoothly, and the wheel flange must be aligned with the center line of the rope hole to ensure the effective cutting speed of the cutting surface and the installation accuracy requirements.

(2) Installation rope

According to the determined cutting form, the diamond rope is wound on the driving wheel and auxiliary wheel in a certain order. Note that the rope should be directed in the driving direction of the drive wheel.

(3) The connection of the relevant operating system and the technical measures for safety protection

According to the site conditions, the connection of water, electricity, mechanical equipment, and other related pipelines should be correctly standardized and relatively centralized. Wiring and placement must strictly abide by the safety operation regulations to prevent multiple machines, multiple people, multiple auxiliary equipment, and materials from being placed randomly. Causing hidden dangers of accidents. Cut rope course, we must set the security fence in front of the direction of movement of the rope, and set up safety signs in certain areas, to remind pedestrians do not to enter the construction work zone.

(4) Cutting

Start the motor, adjust the lifting tension of the driving wheel through the control panel to ensure that the diamond rope is tightened and provides circulating cooling water, and then start another motor to drive the driving wheel to drive the diamond rope to rotate and cut. During the cutting process, we must be closely observed the stability of the base and keep the wheel to adjust the alignment guide, to ensure the cutting cord on the same plane.

(5) Selection of cutting parameters

During the cutting process, adjust the cutting parameters by operating the control panel to ensure that the linear speed of the diamond rope is about 20m/s. On the other hand, in the cutting process, it is necessary to ensure that there is enough flushing fluid to ensure the cooling and grinding of the diamond rope. Take away the crumbs. The cutting operation speed is stable, the parameters are stable, and the equipment is stable.

(6) the process of cutting issues should be noted

In case of rope jam, rope break, etc., corresponding measures must be taken to solve it. Safety protection measures must be strict, otherwise, the diamond beads on the broken diamond rope will fly out like bullets and injure people. Therefore, in addition to taking the necessary protective measures at the scene, but do not allow all unnecessary personnel on the sidelines.

Wire saw division

According to different needs and uses, the wire saws on the market can be divided into 7 categories, namely: concrete cutting wire saws, granite, and mining wire saws, granite block shaping wire saws, granite special-shaped processing wire saws, and marble mining ropes. Saw, marble block shaping wire saw, marble special-shaped processing wire saw. According to the production material, it can be divided into rubber wire saw, plastic wire saw, spring wire saw, and spring plus rubber wire saw (for concrete cutting). The specifications of the wire saw are mainly controlled by stringing beads. The specifications can range from Φ7.2~Φ11.5, but the formulas of different stones are different. The formula for making beading should be customized according to the actual situation of the stone to maximize its effectiveness.

Wire saw application

For example, the reinforced concrete beams, bridges, floor slabs, and stones of concrete construction need to be partially dismantled, and they can be cut crosswise or vertically with a wire saw. For thicker concrete, a variety of cutting methods can be used. Wire saws are the most suitable construction equipment for cutting, dismantling, and repairing concrete walls, bridges, and columns. This wire saw can process dense reinforced concrete structures, and it can even cut 30 to 50 meters underwater. Wire saws meet the cutting depth that hydraulic wall saws cannot. The cutting depth is not limited, adapt to a variety of working environments, and work efficiency is higher. The diamond wire saw is used to ensure the safety of the building components during the demolition and transformation of the building. It is widely used in bridge construction and renovation projects of demolition companies and demolition companies.

At last

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